Segarra Estates

Segarra Estates Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to buy land from you. Where do I find your listings?

You can find our current land listings in many locations but the easiest and most current is on our website.  Our Segarra Estates Land For Sale is listed here: http://www.segarraestates.com/services/land-for-sale

2. I love one of your parcels! I want to buy it! What do I do?

In the parcel you wish to buy click the buy land button. You will bring up a window where you are asked to agree to the Covenant before purchasing. If you agree to the covenant check the agree box and click purchase.  You will then need to pay tier at the tier terminal located in our Segarra Estates Sim.

** It is very important that you read the Covenant before you purchase. You want to be sure that you can do everything on this land that you want to be able to do. If the covenant or parcel in some way does not suit your needs, contact us and we will do our best to find your perfect parcel. **

3.  I need a bigger parcel/different tier rate/more prims/a different Covenant than I have right now, but I like doing business with you. Can you help me?

Yes we certainly can. We have lots of land and we can probably find something of ours that suits your needs better if you are looking for a change. Please do tell us what your needs are and we will try to help as best we can!

4. Do you sell land with bonus prims?

At this time we are not selling land with bonus prims.

5. I bought a parcel from one of your tenants, how do I get the tier payments in my name?

If you bought the land from a previous resident you need to send Lizard Howl a notecard ASAP with the following details: The name of the person you bought land from, the size of the parcel you bought, the Region your parcel is in, and your second life name. Make sure you spell your name correctly! This will allow us to change the tier payments to your name and allow you to pick up payments where the previous owner left off.

6. Do I need a Premium account to buy your land?

If you are buying land in an Estate you do not need a Premium account. Most of our land is Estate land. To find out if it is click the about land and click the Covenant tab. If it says “mainland” for Estate and “(none)” for Estate owner then it is Mainland. If it is other than that it is Estate land.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments in Lindens and in US dollars. Linden payments are made, weekly or monthly, through our tier terminals in the Segarra Estates Sim. For USD we use monthly PayPal subscriptions. http://segarraestates.com/paytier

8. You say I own my land, but I still pay weekly for it. How is that different from renting?

In Second Life everyone who owns land pays land use fees. Linden Labs needs money to buy and maintain the servers that the land exists in. We pay Linden Labs so we need you to pay us. The primary difference to you is simple. If you have bought your land, you can sell it to someone else when you move. If you are renting your land, you can’t resell it.

9. How can I truly own my land? What if all of a sudden you leave Second Life and leave me with no land!

No one truly owns any land in Second Life. Paying directly to Linden Labs offers a little more security because they are a much larger business and probably going to be around for a while. There are no guarantees in life however even Linden Labs could fold and leave you with no compensation. We are very firmly established in Second Life and we have over $70,000USD invested and are doing well in the business. We aren’t going anywhere as long as Second Life doesn’t go anywhere! If you truly want that little bit of added security however you can buy your own island or your own piece of mainland and pay directly to Linden Labs. This will cost you a lot more in up front and monthly costs however. Its up to you to decide what you want.

10. I think what you do is awesome! How do I find out how to be in the land business like you?

We written a lot of articles about what we do and you can find them on our website.  http://segarraestates.com/articles Feel free to ask us questions in-world. If we are not busy we will be more than happy to give you some pointers. Lizard is also writing a book about all the secrets of running a land business. It should be available soon, send him a note if you are interested in an advanced copy.

11. What is a prim? What is a prim limit? Where can I put my prims?

A prim is a single building block of Second Life. Most objects are made of more than one prim. Edit your objects to find out how many prims they are. You need to stay within a prim limit on your parcel. The region is like a computer and the prims are like saved data. The computer can only save so much data. So the region can only have so many prims. Your parcel is given a limit. You can place your prims within your parcel. If you put out more than you are allowed or put them outside of your parcel they will be returned to you.

12. Hey you returned my stuff! Why?

Many reasons are possible. Your stuff was not all the way on your parcel. Your stuff was causing lag or a potential sim crash. If we returned your stuff please ask us why before you put it back out.

13. Hey my neighbor returned my stuff! Why?

Your stuff was on the neighbors land. That’s the only way they could have returned it

14. How do I work my radio and/or TV?

Please read the directions that came with the item in question very carefully. We didn’t make it. We will try to help but please help us out by exhausting all your resources before coming to us. Usually radios involve deeding both the radio and the land to a group.

15. My region is down, what can I do?

If your region is down for more than 30 minutes the fastest way to get it back online is to submit a trouble ticket yourself to the Lindens. Region Offline tickets can be submitted by anyone and are the fastest responded to ticket by LL. We have to submit the same ticket to get the region back up so don’t waste time trying to track us down, submit it right away. If another hour goes by and your sim is still not back online check the Grid Status to make sure this isn’t a grid wide problem. Then send us a note telling us how long it’s been since you filed your ticket as well as your ticket number and we will kick some Linden butts 😀

16. My region is under attack by a griefer, what can I do?

Most importantly remain calm. Nobody can really hurt you in Second Life. Sitting on an object will prevent any griefer from being able to push you. Remember you can also ban the person from your own property and mute them. Leave the area if the assault is on your person and disturbing you. Contact us to inform us of the attack. Make an abuse report to LL ASAP. If we are not available to help and the problem is ongoing and region-wide, head for Help Island Public or Help Island Public2 and talk to a volunteer.

17.  You bought the sim I was renting on and you cleared my parcel–I had paid tier to the previous owner. What happened?

Because land mergers so often end with the previous owner neglecting their responsibility to their tenants, leaving us looking like the bad guys we tend to either avoid them or try to make sure the previous owner makes good on their responsibility to their tenants before we commit to buying the sims. Things don’t always work out perfectly, though.  If we bought the sim you are renting in, and did not receive the tier you paid from the previous owner we have no choice but to ask you for tier or rent your parcel to someone who will pay tier if you are not able to.

Often times we will bend over backwards to make the transition as smooth and pleasant as possible for you. We make every attempt to contact you for the tier and will often give a grace period if we can. We want to keep you happy because we hope you will stay with us as customers.  But ultimately we have to pay tier to Linden Lab and that tier has to come from somewhere other than our own pockets if we are going to continue to be here for our customers.

We are always very sorry when we hear residents have been hurt by their previous land lord, and are full of sympathy if that has happened to you.  But we are good honest people just trying to earn a living, we do not deserve abuse, threats and grief attacks because of something someone else did. We may have kicked you from the land, but it was the previous landlord who didn’t pass the tier you paid along to us. We will be glad to give you the name of the previous sim owner, if you need it, and encourage you to file an abuse report against them with Linden Lab.

18. I want to work for you, what do I need to know?

We have a lot of opportunity in our Estate for staff positions.  You must understand the basics of the Second Life land business including all the information found on our website.  If you are responding to a help wanted ad, contact Lizard Howl **only after you have read this entire website**  To make sure you have done your homework, and are serious about wanting a job with us, we ask for a password; the current hiring password is “jolly.”

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay.

Lizard Howl
Hottie Something
Segarra Estate Owners