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The Final Countdown for Book Launch

Hey everyone!

We are one week away from our public launch, busy-busy-busy getting everything finalized and in shape for May 15th.

Real quick, I just wanted to let you know we have a new cover for our book (YAY!) and also a new Facebook fan page for the book!

“Like” us on Facebook and grab a 50% Off Coupon on the book today only!


Lizard Howl
Segarra Estates Owner
Virtual Breadwinner Author

Avoid getting ripped off in Second Life Land

How do you know which land owners to trust with your Linden dollars?

I wish I could say it wasn’t, but getting ripped off is a real danger in Second Life. One minute you pay your rent and the next minute your landlord and your land disappears in the dark of night. And nobody cares! LL won’t help you. And it’s not like your next landlord will give you a freebie when he hears your sad sad story.

Lizard and I have heard plenty of these stories. And we would love to give freebies to the people telling them. But we have to pay tier too. If we gave a free pass on tier for every story of ripped off customer we had heard over the years, we would be out of business.

Just how common is it for landlords to abandon you and disappear along with your land and any Linden Dollars you have paid ahead?

It is so common that we have our word for it. We call it “pulling a runner”. It is so common that we have an article on our Segarra Estates website that recommends you never pay for land more than a week at a time to anyone, including us!

But pulling a runner is one thing we promise our customers will never happen in Segarra Estates.

How can we make that promise?

I could tell you that we are honorable people and that our motto is “we take care of our people” but anyone could tell you that. I could tell you that we have been in the Second Life Land business since 2007. That is a little more convincing right?

The truth is plenty of long time land owners have pulled runners. They put in long hours for many years, giving everything they have to their customers, whom they treat like best friends. And they run their business poorly. Then things start to get shaky, they lose customers to the competition a few too many times. They start to see their skinny profits (or big losses) as “not worth it” and they start to feel like somebody “owes them something” — they start to feel entitled. Once that happens, even the most honorable person can convince themselves they have a right to your hard earned Linden dollars. You end up paying the price for their poor business skills.

So how can you ever trust a landlord?

In Segarra Estates, we have one solid guiding principle–it even comes before our motto of “taking care of our people”–taking care of our business. We treat our customers like customers, even if they are our friends. And by doing so we are putting our customers first.

Wait! What? By putting our business before our customers, we are putting our customers first? How is that possible?

We collect our tier ON TIME, all the time. We kick out a tenant who has gone past due and–gasp–do not give him a three day grace (though he is welcome to get the land again once he gets his act together and logs in with a tier payment in hand). We never have the lowest price in SL. We never price our land so low that we don’t make a profit.

And I am telling you this is something you want in a landlord! Trust me!

You may think you want the lowest price. But do you really want what comes with it?

Break-even, or super-skinny profit, pricing is bad news for customers. What incentive does your landlord have to keep you in that land? Zero! If you rent land priced at a loss you are just asking for your money to be stolen. It is a guarantee that your landlord, on some level, feels someone “owes” him something. And you don’t want to be the one who buys a 1/4 sim and pays for a month in advance when he finally realizes it!

A three day grace is nice. No hassle, no rush. Pay when you can manage it. But what happens when you and *everyone* else take advantage of the three day grace? And what happens when half of those people don’t actually renew or pay for those three days?

Land sits unrentable and useless for three days, not making money but costing money. Does LL say “Hey, don’t worry about it, we will knock three days off your tier?” Nope.

What happens when you lose three days of tier on land? You lose money. What happens when you consistently lose money and have your prices set so low that you were barely making any to begin with? You go out of business, and you just might feel like taking your customers down with your sinking ship.

So, YES, when we collect your tier on time, make a profit, and maintain a professional business2customer relationship with you, we are putting you first! We are making sure we can stay in business for years and years to come, providing you with land you can count on!

There are never any guarantees but if you want land in SL, and you don’t want to deal directly with LL, you have to put your trust in someone. Trust the business who knows how to take care of themselves, as well as their customers.

playing the ponies

Hey guys –

I won I won I won!

*doing my victory dance*

I played the ponies and I WON!


horseraceA few years ago my wife and I used to play Cashflow 101 on a regular basis.

Its a board game by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and many others.

The point of the game is to learn how to escape the Rat Race by buying assets that produce cashflow.  Kind of like what we have done with our Second Life land business (it is an asset that produces monthly cashflow).

Anyway, part of the game involves stock picking.  You draw cards that give you the opportunity to buy or sell various stocks at different prices.  The only real information it gives you about the stock is the trading range over the past year.

For example, you might draw a card that says MYT4U stock is selling at $10, and over the last year the trading range was $5 to $25.  At that point if you own MYT4U you could choose to sell it, or if you wanted to buy more you could do so whether you owned it or not.

Its kind of like playing the ponies – you pick a horse, watch the race, and hope you end up ahead.

So we played the game and played the game and one day I said you know what, I’m going to pick a stock, follow it, and put some money down and see what happens.

I didn’t spend a lot, but I bought a few shares of Tesla (TSLA) @ $24.50 per share.

Last night I noticed it was on a bit of a tear, so I put in a Limit Sell order which filled this morning.

To get to the punchline, I sold my shares this morning @ $56.00 per share!

I won I won I won!


That’s a return of 228%, over a period of 27 months, for a 101% ROI.

Not too shabby for my first stock pick.

I vaguely regret not buying more on my initial purchase, but I’ve been able to sleep well at night so I don’t regret it too much.  I didn’t buy the stock in an attempt to get rich, I just used some of my “mad money” on it, as a way to get into the game and test my temperament (as well as my stock picking ability).

So, there you have it.

I picked a winner.  Bought it low and sold it high.

Now I just have to pick my next pony and repeat the process!

Have fun, and good luck.




passing the torch

Hey guys –

I’ve been working on my book for about two years, and it will finally be available to the public on May 15th!

One of my Indiegogo supporters, Ozragoth Resident, got his hands on an early version of the first section of my book and started putting it in action.

He bought some mainland, got it ready to rent, and started advertising in the right channels.

After about a week he was getting frustrated because his land hadn’t rented, so I gave him a couple of pointers.  The very next day he got his first customer!

I congratulated him on his success, and told him to let me know when he got another land ready for rent, so I could promote it here on my blog.

So he went ahead and did just that, and sent me a message last night with the slurl link to his new rental land.  I would link to that land now, except sometime between last night and this morning his second land rented and he gained his second customer!

As exciting as it is for Ozragoth, it is nearly as exciting for me.

I love helping new or struggling land barons build profitable businesses.

His experience is proof that not only do my proven methods of building a Second Life land business work, but that anyone who follows the instructions can also succeed.

If you are interested in making money as a Second Life land baron, you owe it to yourself to check out today.

Grab the four bonus reports, and the 50% off coupon code!

And if you are on the market for small rental lands, go ahead and IM Ozragoth Resident.

He may just have what you are looking for!



SL Names Meme


What’s your SL name? Lizard Howl

What made you choose this name? One of my favorite online names is Gatorzilla.  So when I joined SL I wanted to make a Gator Zilla type name. The closest last name available at the time was Zubaki, and Gator Zubaki didn’t have the right ring too it.  So I thought on it a little more and decided to go small – a smaller repitle than a gator is a lizard right?  And I paired that up with the last name Howl because it sounded kind of primal, but it also reminded me of Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island.

So that’s how I got my name: 
Gator Zilla – size + Gilligan’s Island = Lizard Howl

What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) Liz, Lizzie, Papi

What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) my what?

Do you like your SL name? Yes!

If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Bobi Bamboo 🙂

What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? MichelleLoveJenkins

which I will never forget that name because once upon a time she was a customer of mine.  she bought a full prim sim and wanted it named after her.  so believe it or don’t for awhile we had a sim called: MichelleLoveJenkins Sim

What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? Hottie Something of course!

Thanks to Strawberry Singh for cranking out these memes!

Meme intructions: Copy and paste the following 8 questions and answers to your blog post, delete my answers and input your own! Don’t forget to link your post in this meme’s comments so everyone can read yours!

Top 5 SL Pet Peeves

Ok Strawberry Singh has created a meme about “My SL Pet Peeves”

And of course we just have to contribute!

Hottie’s Pet Peeves:

1. Offline “hi’s” or notecards. Especially when the notecard has a non-informative name. I don’t log in all the time, but I do get all my IMs pushed to my e-mail (on my phone no less) where I can answer them. Notecards show up in my email with just their name like this: “ToriiSppelling8720 Resdient has sent you Notecard1”

If you are just saying “Hi” to see if I am online, follow it up with a “nvm” or something. If you actually need something…just tell me! Spill your guts! No notecards or anything fancy. I am making it easy for you…so please make it easy for me 😀

2. The way the Scouts over at customer support will treat you like a bozo who needs to be given a link to a help file just to tie your shoes. Please! Do you see how old my account is?

I actually cancelled my SL premium account (of something like 5 or 6 years) recently because of how useless support has been getting lately. Especially, after I had a griefer object in a sim that was actually disabling the region and causing repeated crashes all day long, and support wanted us to wait for the abuse report team to remove the object (Like the AR’s are anything more than a black hole!) And yes we did submit ARs and waited a few days (with a disabled sim!). But we never ever got their help!

3. Griefers. Does that even need to be said? But notice how this is further down my list than pitiful customer service from LL….

Actually I should change this. Griefers I can handle. What drives me batty is: a) how many people leave their land on open-rezz and make it easy for grief attacks, and b) how the default settings (which all land reverts back to when purchased) are to allow open-rezz! Why not make the land owner-rezz only by default?

4. People who think it is faster to IM their EMs and land owners about an offline region than submitting a ticket to LL. Sure LL support is useless for almost everything, but if there is one thing they are fast at  it is getting a region back online. Heck I might not even see the message about a region offline in the time it takes to file a ticket to get it back online. And guess what? Even as a land owner we have to file the same ticket! So it would be a lot faster if you filed the ticket and then came to us with your ticket number if the sim was still not online after 15 minutes.

5. Rolling restarts. They happen all the frickin time! The worst thing is ignorance of rolling restarts. Don’t rezz your stuff during rolling restarts! Period. Actually the worst worst is when someone learns from one experience that they should not rezz during rolling restarts and then they do it again. And the worst worst worst is when they yell at you about it and insist that before “you” restart the sim you should e-mail them. Finally, most worstest ever is when they insist that you must return their objects to them…insisting that you to stop telling them to submit a ticket to Amaretto for the return of their lost puppies, and start looking in your inventory for their items. LMAO


Lizards Pet Peeves:

1. Prim encroachment. Ok, honestly, while I dislike random “Hi”s and NCs, they are minor peeves. If I have one SL peeve it is this!  Keep your prims on your own damn land!

Yes, that DOES include those pretty palm trees that you put on your border.   Yes, that DOES include that off-sim tropical reef that takes up half the sim while you are only renting a 4096m land.  Yes, that DOES include particle emitters like rain or snow or falling leaves.

Guys, its not that hard to figure out.

Use View – Land Owners and your land will show in green (or blue if it is group owned), everyone else’s will show in red.  Use View – Transparent and you can see exactly how your palm trees and bushes actually ARE encroaching on the neighbor’s land, even though you rezzed them on your land.

Whew, glad I got that off my chest!



Virtual Breadwinner on Indiegogo

Hey everyone,

I’ve been super busy the last few weeks getting my book ready for the market.

Right now it is 99% complete, just needs some finishing touches.

I have started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for:

  • copy editing
  • cover design
  • and ebook formatting.

If you want to contribute please do so, every little bit helps!

Go here —->

I have reward levels starting at $10,

and for $25 you’ll get your own copy of the ebook.

If you can’t contribute financially, please help by telling your friends.

Thank you!


Go here —->