Segarra Service Station & Resident Resources

Segarra Team:

Hottie Something, Segarra co-owner
Lizard Howl, co-owner

Contact Lizard or Hottie by IM (no notecards please) in-world. Even if we are offline the messages will come thru and we can answer ūüėÄ
You may also email: and it will reach both Lizard and Hottie.

Table of Contents

1. Getting New/More Land
1.a. Moving within Segarra Estates and Taking your Tier with you
1.b. Getting More Prims
1.c. Getting smaller or Cheaper land
1.d. Getting your 1000L referral bonus
2. Offline Regions
3. Missing Prims
4. Lag issues
5. How to do stuff
5.a. Deeding land to group
5.b. Paying your Tier
6. Neighbor Disputes
7. Griefers

1. Getting new/more land

Sometimes you want to move. Maybe you don’t like the region any more, maybe you want a different size. Sometimes you want to expand, get more prims or bigger land. Sometimes you have friends who want awesome land and customer service like you have. Sometimes you want to Buy a Sim or Buy a Homestead.


a. Moving within Segarra Estates and Taking your Tier with you:

  1. Find the parcel you want, in Segarra Estates
  2. Buy the new land.
  3. PAY TIER for the new land.
  4. Move all your stuff from the old land to the new land.
  5. Abandon the old land.
  6. Email to inform Lizard what land you abandoned and what land you moved to, he will take the tier remaining at the time he receives your e-mail, and add it to your new land.


b. Getting more prims:

  1. You can buy another parcel anywhere in the same region as your current parcel, and as long as the owners are the same (same avatar or same group) the prims will be shared by both lands.
  2. You can trade up to a bigger parcel (see instructions above about moving and taking your tier with you)


c. Getting a smaller land or cheaper land:

  1. If you want to move to a smaller land and take your tier with you see the instructions above about moving. We don’t cut down parcels.¬†
  2. If you don’t see the size you need in our listings contact Lizard Howl or email:¬†¬†we want to keep your business and we will do whatever we are able to do so.
  3. If you don’t see the size land you need in our listings contact Lizard Howl or email:¬†¬†we want to keep your business, and will work on some options.¬†
  4. Why do some other Estate Owners offer cheaper land? Not because we are overcharging you that is for sure. We are as low as we can possibly go. Other Estates sometimes have older, “Grandfathered sims” on which they pay much less tier to Linden Labs. We cannot compete with the prices on those sims because the Estate Owners are usually charging¬†less than we are paying to LL. We can promise you though that we are way way better landowners than those guys ūüėÄ


d. If you are a current Segarra resident you can get 1000L for referring customers to us, if they pay 4 weeks on their first tier payment!

  1. Tell your friends about us.
  2. Tell them to pay for 4 weeks tier on their first payment.
  3. Tell them to mention your name as how they found out about us.
  4. Collect your 1000L from Lizard!

2. If your region is offline!

Before you do anything else submit a “region offline” ticket. These are special tickets which are typically resolved within 15 minutes of submitting. (Much faster than your Segarra Team!)

3. If your stuff disappeared!

There are several reasons this may have happened. First check your inventory, look in both your trash and your lost and found–if several prims were returned at once they may be a conglomerate of objects under one objects name.

Next check the Second Life Grid Status for rolling restart reports. If you rezz anything about 15 minutes or so before your region is hit by a rolling restart the objects may disappear. We cannot help you get those objects back in most cases. We do not control the rolling restarts. Your best course of action is to contact the people you bought the objects from, tell them you lost the item due to a rolling restart, and request a replacement. (I have done this many times and I have never been refused). Also, you need to be aware of when rolling restarts are happening (they are frequent and you can see the schedule in the Grid Status) and don’t rezz¬†irreplaceable¬†objects during that time.

If you had your objects returned by someone on the Segarra Team there are only 2 reasons: your tier was not paid, or your objects were crossing over your parcel lines into your neighbors land. In this case it will be in your lost and found. Please turn on parcel lines while rezzing and be carful things aren’t crossing (like tree branches).

Example of crossing a parcel line.
Crossing a parcel line. Watch out for tree branches and overhangs. Parcel lines are more than a line on the ground.

If you are right on the parcel line you may have trouble if your neighbor raises the height of his land -- if you don't want sand in your living room keep back from the line a bit.
If you are right on the parcel line you may have trouble if your neighbor raises the height of his land.

Good job! The house is well back so the overhang doesn't cross the line, even the trees in the back are perfect.
Good job! The house is well back so the overhang doesn’t cross the line, even the trees in the back are perfect.

4. If you have a lag issue

First check the grid status to make sure it isn’t a known issue:¬†To learn more about lag:¬† To learn more about reducing lag:
Contact your Segarra Team Sim Maintenance Specialist, or Hottie in world if you have ongoing persistent lag and cannot resolve it yourself.

5. How to do stuff

For general questions on how to do things in Second Life visit the following links: (these videos are really helpful)

If you have not been able to find your answers and none of your friends can help try opening up a Segarra Estates Group Chat. Your neighbors are among the smartest, most kind and helpful people in Second Life!

As always if something is baffling you and you can’t figure it out, feel free to contact your Segarra Team. We are always happy to help.

a. To deed your land to group, so you can put out a TV or turn off open rezz but still allow members of your group to rezz, check out this step by step tutorial on deeding your land to group.

b. Paying your tier is important if you want to keep your land. Make sure you pay on time. We don’t always send you reminders or chase you down if you are late–the tier system does that for us, so don’t block it! We¬†reclaim¬†and return your objects. You are still welcome to rebuy and pay your tier. But we make no apologies for you being late ūüėÄ

If you have any problems with your tier, talk to Lizard Howl. If you can’t make your full payment we can sometimes make arrangements for partial payments. So talk to us first before your tier goes past due.

We have PayPal options for tier payments. We have 2 in world tier centers you can pay at (one is a back up in case the other is not working):


6. If you have a neighbor dispute

Contact Hottie Something immediately. Do not take actions against your neighbor or respond to them. We will create a solution that will make everyone happy.

7. If your Region is getting griefed

Be sure your land is not set to open rezz!¬†About Land>Options: Set “build” and “object entry” to group only to prevent your land from becoming the target of griefers. Ban the griefers from your land.

Submit an abuse report in world Help>Report Abuse every time, and get everyone else affected to submit one too. The more times we do this the more the Lindens are able to help us.

Report it to your Segarra Team so we can follow up.