Maintenance Requests

If you are having trouble the first thing you should check is for any ongoing issues.

If Linden Labs is doing rolling restarts then we strongly advise that you do not rezz anything during this time.

For general questions on how to do things in Second Life visit the following links:

The videos are especially helpful!

If you have not been able to find your answers and none of your friends can help try opening up a Segarra Estates Group Chat.

Your neighbors are among the smartest, most kind and helpful people in Second Life!

You may request a restart of an offline region or request a restart of a seriously dysfunctional sim by sending a request to Linden Labs with an “Offline Region” ticket (these are looked at within 15 minutes and may be submitted by anyone) or by starting a Live Chat if you are able. You can find the links for these at

This is the fastest way to get your sim functional again. Most of the time we have to file a ticket just like you and if you by pass us and go straight to Linden Labsyou drastically reduce your response time because you don’t have to wait for us.

If you would like a Lag Investigation, help with a neighbor dispute, or other requests please IM Hottie Something.

Thank you!

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