Subject: Thanks for great service!

Message: I just want to say how pleased I am with my dealings with Segarra Estates and the staff.

Not only do I get great prices but very prompt and friendly support anytime I may need it.

I often refer my friends to do business with Segarra Estates.

many Thanks to you all!

March 16th 2010

MB Robonaught

MB Robonaught
Subject: Great service

Message: I've been dealing with Lizard for a few years now off and on...

And I'm always welcomed back ... I've never had any negative 
issues with them.. I'm happy to be back..

Thanks again

March 15th 2010

Emily OKelly
HI there!

I am MommaLuv Skytower and my experience owning a little piece of parcel  thru Segarra Estates has only been one of  glory & serenity.

Being a Second Life performer, I need flexibilty as to what I am allowed to do when i comes to my artistic endeavors and I have only had encouragement from Lizard and his  staff. Lizard Howl and his managers make sure their presence is known -  in a good way- as they always say hello in group chat 😉 They do run a tight ship and make efforts to get to know their  residents and are ready to accomodate you.  A definite plus  if you are looking to add to your  virtual family and are the creative type.

If you like things run in a professional manner-Segarra Estates is your ticket.

Luvz from Momma - xo.


April 22nd 2010

MommaLuv Skytower
Segarra Estates is the place to be.

I've been a land tenant of Lizard and Hottie for around a year now between having a homestead now and having a full size sim before that. I've been quite pleased with the professionalism they carry in their dealings and the timely responses of handling any situations that may occur.

I would highly recommend doing business with Segarra over any real estate company in SL.

May 16th 2010

GUMM Bloobury
My friend and I have co-rented land from Segarra Estates for the last two and a half years.

We have never had any problems and have been given superb customer service on many occasions.  Through several moves between their properties they have been especially helpful and kept our costs to a minimum.

We can not convey in words how satisfied we are as customers and we will continue to happily rent from them as long as we are residents of Second Life.

May 24th 2010

Jordyss Paine & Shae Sands
I bought my first sim (called Heavens Beach) on recommendations of  Lizard Howl and

i must say i bought not only a sim, i bought the greatest service i could find ever.

I have not much experience to own a sim, to create the best texture of it, to get tenants an to handle the tier management.

If i plan to buy another sim i would decide to do that from Lizard Howl because i would not miss this great safety and service.

June 30th 2010

BeBob Babenco
I have rented land of Segarra Estates I believe for well over 6 months when my previous owner sold some sims to Segarra Estates.

I have always found them to be most helpful and informative.

When I have had problems they have taken the time and effort to sort these for me as soon as possible, which I have been most grateful for.

They are honest and trustworthy, which I think is of the utmost importance within Second Life. I would recommend them to anyone (which I already have).

Sept 4th 2010

coo Wylie
I am with Segarra Estates now for the 2nd time: previously in Summer Stone sim and now in Seven Angels sim and I must say that in my opinion they are absolutely beatable in the business, managers are always there  when You need them,

they provide the top class service and land rental prices are really atractive.

I know Lizard Howl the owner of Segarra Estates for about 2 years right now and need to say that he  always looks after his customers and never leaves any problems undone. So I will stay with them for as long I will have my business because

I just simply feel safe with Segarra Estates.

They have over 90 succesful sims that count say all to me it is a very professional and stable company which I think soon enough will  become an empire in Second Life.

Sept 7th 2010

Pioter Schnyder
I am a live singer in SL, some of you may know me.  Those that do, especially the venues I sing at, know that I treat it as a business.  My word is my word and I try my best to do the best job I can for them and even go out of my way to make sure they are taken care of.  That is why I deal with Segarra Estates.

I've known Lizard for over 3 years, from when he first started Segarra Estates, trying to sell high end luxury homes.  He and Hottie have learned a lot since then but they have always been the same kind of people…honest and friendly.  I have had property with them for almost all of those 3 years and currently own 3 parcels, all from Segarra.

Lizard is the first person I think of when I need land or when I run across anyone else who is looking.  I've sent a number of people their way, all satisfied customers.

Why? Because Lizard and his team run a tight ship. They go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Even when things aren't always exactly how we want them, Liz has always gone above and beyond to compensate in some way. They run a true business, not just playing at being land barons. I've seen their business from both sides, as a renter of course, but I've also seen how they run the business end of things.

Segarra Estates is first class all the way.

Oct 27th 2010

Ichie Kamachi
Ichie Kamachi | The Voice
My partner and I have had land with Segarra Estates for almost as long as we've been in SL.

He started with a small sim, then after awhile we got a whole sim and kept that for nearly two years.  However, we decied that some cut backs were needed so that we could save up for our RL journey together.  The owners of Segarra were more than understanding and very helpful in us moving to a half a sim.

Over the last 3 months, I've managed to obtain a small plot of my very own...and I LOVE it!  It's exactly the right amount of prims I need for a price I can easily afford.  Let's face it; the monthly tier discount just freaking ROCKS!!!

Everyone I've met from Segarra Estates has been amazing, treating me with respect and fairness that, in alot of places, is non-existant.

When you talk, they listen and then do whatever they can to make sure that your land needs are met, or even exceeded!

Would I recommend Segarra Estates to my friends?  You bet I would!  In fact, I have!

As long as I have land needs in SL my money stays right here with Segarra!

Feb 24th 2011

Genna Thiemen-Jayaram

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